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BlackBerry Developer Newsletter - Special Edition: BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
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The BlackBerry® PearlTM Flip 8220 smartphone is the first ever BlackBerry® smartphone that flips open. With its innovative rear-hinge design, it combines ergonomics and styling, while staying true to the full feature set you've come to expect from a BlackBerry smartphone. With the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone, you are leveraging the same version of BlackBerry® Device Software (v4.6.0) that was included in the release of the BlackBerry® BoldTM smartphone. That is, with this sleek new form factor, you can take advantage of the many new APIs and capabilities that are included in v4.6.0, including:
  • JSR 226 Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Message list integration - Ability to use placeholders in the message list similar to BlackBerry® Messenger and other instant messenger applications
  • Banner indicator support - Ability to show notifications in the main screen banner and on the external LCD
  • Multi-calendar support - Ability to access both the calendars from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and from Unite!
  • LBS Enhancements - Perform lookup requests via the BlackBerry Maps infrastructure
  • Image capture via JSR 135 MMAPI - Ability to control the camera within your application
  • Enhanced math functions
  • Ability to set the time zone
In addition to the new API additions, your Browser-based apps also get to leverage the new Browser features introduced in v4.6.0:
  • Improved web page rendering including AJAX
    • XMLHttpRequest
    • JavaScript® 1.5
    • CSS 2.1
    • DOM L2 (including Core, HTML, Style, Events)
    • HTML 4.01 (including Forms, Maps, Tables, Frames, Objects)
  • Improved Native Attachment Download
    • Support for downloading files via the browser
With the new APIs introduced in v4.6.0, the BlackBerry platform is stronger than ever. The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone is the latest in the new breed of BlackBerry smartphones; we look forward to seeing all of the great applications you can build with these new capabilities.

Featured Video
Best Practices for Mobile Development
This video outlines the different browsers available on a BlackBerry® smartphone and describes the impact it will have on your web application

Support & Trouble Shooting
  1. DB-00672 - How To: Detect if the BlackBerry smartphone is flipped or holstered
  2. Chapter 12: Using custom messages and folders, page 149 Working with indicators for an application
There are many different useful resources available to help address your development needs:

BlackBerry Development Community - Discussion forums for the various development tools to give you the opportunity to interact with fellow BlackBerry Developers: Click here

Also, check out the wide range of Developer Knowledge Base articles, written by in-house subject matter experts. These just might help you when you run into your next problem: Click here

Last but not least, you can also get in touch with the Application Development Support team by emailing:

Events and Webcasts
Attend the BlackBerry Developer Conference

The BlackBerry Developer Conference takes place October 20 - 22, 2008 in Santa Clara, California. The response to our Call for Papers was so successful, we had to extend the conference by another day. Now starting on Monday, this three day event will be jam-packed with content that will explore the building blocks of success in mobile applications using the BlackBerry® platform.

Register Online Today!

If you're involved in shaping application development today, make sure you register now so you don't miss out on this unrivaled technical opportunity.

What You'll Take Home

Whether you're a master developer, just getting started or looking to build on your project successes, the BlackBerry Developer Conference is the place to accelerate your efforts. Some of the key areas this conference focuses on include:
  • What are the best ways to create the next generation of highly connected, interactive mobile applications and content services?
  • Which software, hardware and tools from Research In Motion (RIM) are available now - and what's coming next - to move past the traditional application experience?
  • How to leverage AJAX, JavaScript®, Widget technology and other advanced features to develop Web 2.0 applications?
  • Where can Java® take us -- detailed information, best practices and sample code?
  • How to develop for the BlackBerry solution within EclipseTM, NetBeans and Microsoft® Visual Studio®?
  • What third party development, testing and marketing services can improve results?
Take a look at the complete session catalog to see what compelling information you could take away.

Don't miss the chance to hear Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO of RIM, speak at the BlackBerry Developer Conference General Session. Hear the vision first-hand from the innovative mind that created the world's leading mobile development platform.

Register now or find out more information about the BlackBerry Developer Conference

Developer Tips & Best Practices
The BlackBerry® PearlTM Flip 8220 smartphone continues the new standard for look and feel defined by the BlackBerry® BoldTM smartphone. To ensure that your application offers an interface consistent with this new look and feel, be sure to review the new style guide for v4.6.0, which outlines best practices for evoking the elegance and sophistication of BlackBerry® Device Software v4.6.0.

Supporting the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone is easier than you would believe. The screen resolution is just a rotation of the already familiar BlackBerry Curve smartphone, resulting in a 240 x 320 display. If your application was already responding to holstering events, then your application is already fully equipped to handle the open and close events of the new form factor. Lastly, if your application is already designed to take advantage of the new banner indicators API support, then those indicators will carry through to the external LCD display as well, providing the user with access to your application's notifications regardless of whether the device is open or closed. To begin integrating the powerful new APIs introduced in BlackBerry Device Software v4.6.0, download the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) v4.6.0 and begin development with the simulators for the new BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone.

Click here for BlackBerry JDE 4.6 Beta Documentation including the *NEW* UI Style Guide

Click here for BlackBerry® Java Development Environment v4.6.0

Click here for the simulators for the BlackBerry® PearlTM Flip 8220 smartphone

Open Mike with Mike Kirkup
Mike Kirkup

Find out more about the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, Developer Conference, and some media tips and tricks!

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Open Mike with Mike Kirkup
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